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0022176mantisbtmarkdownpublic2018-04-25 09:41
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Summary0022176: Markdown preview support

Add the ability to preview the output of markdown before submitting the issue, note, etc. That should happen using client side JS without submitting the form. So user can keep toggling between editing and previewing until it looks right.

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has duplicate 0006392 closedvboctor "preview" button for bug_report_page.php 




2017-03-03 09:57

reporter   ~0055895

I don't know what the Mantis teams plans are for this, but I wrote a simple/rough plugin to do this that uses ajax to convert the markup in a text area. Only tested this in a browser. Need some feedback.



2017-04-15 06:00

reporter   ~0056558

Gonna look forward for your plugin, since this would be a very useful feature, as I just posted a note on this bugtracker including a short code (and so, I embeded it in <code> tags), but without preview nor your-own-notes-edition rights, it turned out wrong...

Ie, if tipping

<code>$g_bottom_include_page = '...';</code>

Returned the plain text in the preview, then I would have removed the <code> tag myself.