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0022303mantisbtattachmentspublic2017-02-14 17:53
Reporterfman Assigned Tovboctor  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version2.1.0 
Summary0022303: When trying to add an attachement note status V_PRIVATE has effect (hide the attachment section)

I'm trying to migrate from 1.2.19 to 2.1.0.
I've found a thing that IMHO will cause confusion on users.
On 1.2.19 the attachment section is always present no matter the note status (PRIVATE/PUBLIC), instead on 2.1.0 if my choice is that default status note is PRIVATE, not seeing the attachment section user will be very confused.

My proposal: attachement section will work as in 1.2.x

best regards

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duplicate of 0009802 closedvboctor Support attachments associated with private notes 




2017-02-03 00:23

manager   ~0055458

The reason for disabling attachments section for private notes is that we support private notes, but not private attachments. Hence, if a user adds a private note with attachment, unexpectedly, the attachment will be disclosed. Support for private attachments is tracked via 0009802.



2017-02-03 00:58

reporter   ~0055459

I understand that you want to provide private attachment and it's ok, but the point IMHO is that implemented this way transition from 1.2.x to 2.x.x it's very hard and confusing for <b>normal users</b> i.e. people that do not understand mantis inner working.
The change of scope of attachments i.e. from be related to ISSUE, to be related to NOTE requires IMHO an smooth transition.

May be it will be a good thing to have the chance to add attachment without note (1.2.x flavor) and this 'button has to be always (1.2.x flavor) <b>plus</b> attachment to note ( a great thing not fully implemented yet) (2.x flavor), and a must will be chance to configure it
attachment_mode => domain : TICKET, NOTE, TICKET+NOTE

Thanks again for this great product.



2017-02-03 01:00

reporter   ~0055460

I can try to provide merge request for implementation I've suggested on 55459 if you want.



2017-02-03 01:20

reporter   ~0055461

Hi, I was thinking about this and IMHO there is a minor mistake in implementation.

Talking about how 1.2.x works on notes management and I suppose 2.x works same way, then:

  1. If I can manage notes I can add note private or public.
  2. If I've not the right access level, I can not see PRIVATE NOTES.

Then if private attachment state depends of note state, this controls visibility of existent notes and attachments, but can not control the chance to attach or not, if I've the right access level.
Then IMHO in the featuring used to add a note, note state has to not have effects on display of drop zone to add attachments.

I hope that this description now will made (potential) issue clear.
Then no special implementation is needed, but just (IMHO) remove the if that display or not drop zone .