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Summary0022489: View Threshold for bugnotes

It would be convenient for our setup to have a 'view_bugnote_threshold' configuration setting (cf. 'view_history_threshold').
This for hiding notes on issues for certain users (customers).

Additional Information

We use mantis to manage all our customer projects (+300), mantis is the perfect match for us.
Since the beginning we are allowing customers to participate/login on our mantis to make communication/tracking of issues manageable.

In some cases we don't want to disclose too much information about issues to the customer because of obvious reasons.
More specific we want to be able to hide:

  • History (possible >= 1.x)
  • Bug Notes (feature request)

On our MantisBT 1.x installation we fixed this by directly editing the PHP files (and making a mess).
Currently we are working on migration to the new improved kick ass MantisBT 2.x; because of the awesome
plugin framework we decided not to make any more changed directly to Mantis PHP files.

The 'Hide History' we could perfectly implement using a plugin.

  • Plugin Table for user options
    -> Set ['history_default_visible' = 0] for the user
    -> Set ['view_history_threshold' = 90] for the user

We would like to implement the 'hide notes' the same way in our plugin, but we are missing
a configuration setting to achieve this.

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2017-03-07 11:36

developer   ~0055963

I would suggest to simply mark notes as private, and set $g_private_bugnote_threshold as appropriate...



2017-03-07 12:05

reporter   ~0055964

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I would suggest to simply mark notes as private, and set $g_private_bugnote_threshold as appropriate...

Thanks for the suggestion,
This will not be sufficient as it depends on a user setting the 'private note' mark. Its because of some users (we dont control)
we need the setting in the first place. Some users make notes that are inappropriate for the eyes of our customers.
A solution that depends on users will not work in real life, that is why prefer an option to shield off notes if required.

The suggested option 'view_bugnote_threshold' would fall straight in line with other mantis features, altough admitted
this will be rarely used.

The goal is a fool-proof, water-tight system, with modificiation ONLY done by plugins.
Fool-proof is the challenge with 'users'



2017-03-07 12:17

developer   ~0055965

@raptox_be I understand your concerns about the human factor.

That being said, unless you're willing to do the legwork and propose a pull request with the necessary code changes, I think it's quite unlikely that we would implement such a feature in the short term. As you said, it's a very specific usage scenario that would not frequently be used by most MantisBT users.



2017-03-07 12:21

developer   ~0055966

One more thing, following up on the private notes workaround I suggested earlier, you can also set notes view state to private by default ($g_default_bugnote_view_status = VS_PRIVATE;), so you would have to explicitly make them public when you want the customer to see them.

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