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0022518mantisbtreportspublic2019-10-01 04:33
ReporterKunda Assigned Tocproensa  
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Product Version2.2.0 
Fixed in Version2.22.0 
Summary0022518: Graph too large to fit in browser viewport

When viewing MantisGraph/issues_trend_graph.php it's not possible to actually fit the whole thing in my browser (FF v52.0 (64-bit) or Chrome v57.0.2987.98 (64-bit). I tried zooming in and out to see if that would change the scale but it doesn't help.

It presents issues when trying to read it and taking screenshots.

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See attached screenshot

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2017-03-14 22:43




2019-09-29 08:54

reporter   ~0062924

This issue can be closed since the graph has been redesigned (looks great)



2019-10-01 04:33

developer   ~0062933

This was most likely fixed in 2.20.0 by MantisBT master fad38bbf but I did not actually test to confirm whether that was the indeed the case.

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master fad38bbf

2019-01-07 19:35:48


Committer: dregad Details Diff
MantisGraph, adjust width of some graphs.

Some graphs pages only display one graph. When they are displayed in the
full page width, the 5:4 aspect ratio doesn't fit in the usual screen
Make them double wide, but keep the height, to mantain the constant fill
area similar to those pages with side by side graphs.
Affected Issues
mod - plugins/MantisGraph/core/graph_api.php Diff File
mod - plugins/MantisGraph/pages/issues_trend_graph.php Diff File
mod - plugins/MantisGraph/pages/reporter_graph.php Diff File

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