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0022552mantisbtapi soappublic2017-11-21 07:22
ReporterGeminiDomino Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformApache 2.4.7/PHP 5OSUbuntu x64OS Version14.04 LTS
Product Version2.2.1 
Summary0022552: mc_issue_update doesn't honor project "resolved/read only" settings, adjusted threshholds, or "allow reporters to reopen"

Attempting to change an issue's status from "resolved" to "new" returns "Issue '#' is readonly" despite adjusting the project configuration that should both allow reporters to update readonly issues and change resolved and readonly thresholds to "closed" (q.v. full set of adjusted settings in add'l info)

The reporter can successfully add notes to a resolved ticket with mc_issue_note_add()

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a ticket as the reporter.
  2. Update ticket status to "resolved".
  3. Call mc_issue_update with generated issue ID and Issue data:
    (variables are populated with the fields from the current issue, only status is changed. All fields marked "optional" in WSDL but the call fails if these minimums are not set)
    [ 'project' => $project_id,
    'category' => $category,
Additional Information

---- Workflow Thresholds: ----
Reporter Permissions:

  • Report an Issue
  • Update an Issue
  • Allow Reporter to Close Issue
  • Monitor an Issue
  • Reopen an Issue
  • Allow Reporter to Reopen issue
  • Status to which a reopened issue is set: "new"
  • Status where an issue is considered resolved: "closed"
  • Status where an issue becomes read only: "closed"
  • Update Read only issues
  • Update Issue Status
  • Set View state when reporting a new issue or note

    • Add Notes

    • View Issue History

---- Workflow Transitions ----

  • Status where an issue is considered resolved: "closed"
  • Status to which reopened issues are set: "new"

Access Levels:

  • Resolved: "reporter"
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related to 0012328 acknowledged Normalise access checks between the web interface and the SOAP API 
related to 0023657 closedatrol mc_issue_update returns bug is read only on status update 




2017-03-20 15:00

reporter   ~0056130

Possibly related:

Attempting to update an issue with status other than "resolved" (e.g. "Feedback") with the same values as above displayed "Access denied for user user0" after passing an invalid userID to mci_soap_fault_access_denied() - instead, it passes the string "User '7' does not have access right to assign issues"