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0022786mantisbtapi restpublic2018-02-11 17:15
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Product Version2.3.1 
Summary0022786: Support CRUD operations for issue notes

Add ability to create, retrieve, update and delete notes. At the moment, it is possible to retrieve notes as part of retrieving issues but not on their own.

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related to 0023396 closedvboctor REST API Issue update support 
related to 0023948 closedvboctor Rest API to read notes for issue 
parent of 0023143 closedvboctor Support adding notes via REST API 
parent of 0023145 closedvboctor Support deleting notes via REST API 




2017-10-29 01:50

manager   ~0058080

Notes can be updated now as part of an issue update that was implemented via 0023396. However, we should still add specific update operation for notes without an issue update operation.



2018-01-28 17:40

manager   ~0058648

CRUD for notes:

  • Create notes - there is a notes api for this - see 0023143
  • Delete notes - there is a notes api for this - see 0023145
  • Update notes - currently supported via update issue, but in the future a notes specific API should be added with PATCH/PUT verb on the notes API end point.