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Summary0022848: Export to excel generates error

Hi, When I use the export to excel button I get an xml in downloads
If I open that XML it generates an error

REASON: Bad Value
FILE: C:\Users\brve\Downloads\R10 (16).xml
TAG: Data
VALUE: <p>100</p>

I changed the type of that field to string instead of numeric. Now I manage to open the excel (XML)
But All the string fields have the <p> </p> tags included now. See screenshot excel

We have used this function for many months with the setup as it but now it isn't working annymore.

Steps To Reproduce

Mantishub view Issues --> Excel Export --> Open in excel --> View <p> tags
Mantishub view Issues --> Excel Export --> Open in excel --> ERROR WHEN fields are numeric and <p> is included

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duplicate of 0022428 closedvboctor CSV and Excel exports with markdown on 




2017-05-09 03:08


export.png (29,760 bytes)   
export.png (29,760 bytes)   
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ErrorLogfileExcel2016.png (11,962 bytes)   
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ExcelPTags.png (89,742 bytes)   


2017-05-09 03:41

developer   ~0056811

You can disable Markdown as a workaround.

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