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0022928mantisbtadministrationpublic2017-06-04 14:58
Reportervboctor Assigned Tovboctor  
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Product Version2.4.1 
Target Version2.5.0Fixed in Version2.5.0 
Summary0022928: $g_anonymous_account is case sensitive, preventing normal users from logging in

If anonymous_account is set to an account name in a different case, the following happens:

  • Anonymous access works.
  • Login button is not available, hence, users can't login in.

Workaround, is to use exact case for the username in the configuration option.

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Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 9edd9b14

2017-05-25 23:39:14


Details Diff
Make `$g_anonymous_account` not case sensitive

If the case of this config option and the username mismatched,
the anonymous access worked, but the login button didn’t causing
normal users to not be able to login or signup.

Fixes 0022928
Affected Issues
mod - core/user_api.php Diff File

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