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Summary0022961: Request: Labels or categories in roadmap

Features and bugs are very different concerns. It would be very helpful to have a way to separate them in the roadmap. In my case, I also want to include tasks as a "severity".

The problem is that the road map lists them all as issues. I would like to create categories (groupings) based on specific "Severity" values, that would be shown in bold. For example, I would like to set a default category as "Bugs" and then add two others that only apply if the sev. is "task" and "feature". Then the roadmap would show them like this:

<list of issues>
<list of features>
<list of tasks>

The order of these groupings would be determined in the setup.

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related to 0019862 new Features/bugs grouping on roadmap/changelog pages 




2017-06-01 03:13

developer   ~0057011

Do you agree that this feature request is covered by 0019862 ?



2017-06-01 04:12

reporter   ~0057014

Hi atrol. Thanks for your reply. That issue looks similar but I think the differences are important enough to warrant a separate issue. I think an important distinction is that 0019862 requests a specific (static) grouping, where my proposal offers a different approach, based on user-configuration.

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