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0023042mantisbtuipublic2017-08-23 06:03
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Product Version2.2.4 
Summary0023042: navbar buttons not showing due to buggy bootstrap css file

If g_cdn_enabled is off, the local bootstrap files distributed with Mantis are used. However, the file bootstrap-3.3.6.min.css is not identical to that distributed on the CDN. In particular, it defines different windows sizes for when to hide the navbar-buttons div element (top-right corner). This makes it impossible for some windows sizes to reach the project selection.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Set g_cdn_enabled to OFF in config_inc.php

  • open mantis in web browser

  • resize the browser window horizontally, making it smaller and smaller
    --> at some point, navbar puttons will disappear

  • continuing to make the window even smaller will at some point make the avatar image appear in the top-right corner, which will then allow the user to reach the navbar buttons again

Additional Information

Proposed fix: Replace bootstrap-3.3.6.min.css with the content from the official bootstrap 3.3.6 release.

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2017-06-23 04:00

developer   ~0057130

If I'm not mistaken, the ACE template we're using comes with a customized bootstrap css. Not sure what was changed or why, maybe @syncguru can comment.



2017-08-23 06:03

developer   ~0057535

I'm not sure that's reason. To me it seems a buggy definition of the customized media queries css