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0023157mantisbtemailpublic2017-07-28 02:09
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PlatformIntelOSWindowsOS Version2012 R2
Product Version2.5.1 
Summary0023157: phpMailer SMTP Verify Peer

Unable to send e-mails to mail servers with self-signed certificates.

Steps To Reproduce

If you try to send an smtp e-mail from mantis to a mail server with a self-signed ssl certificate via tls protocol, the e-mail silently fails.

Additional Information

To fix, I altered email_api.php and added the code below. Works fine afterwards.

// Specify additonal options for success!
$t_mail->SMTPOptions = array (
    'ssl' => array(
            // Only care that the connection is secure.
            'verify_peer'  => false
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2017-07-25 19:30

reporter   ~0057329

Forgot to mention that I am running php 7.1.4.



2017-07-25 20:47

reporter   ~0057330




2017-07-28 02:09

manager   ~0057351

Thanks @lucentminds for your contribution. Adding my comment from the PR:

I would rather not add a config for this. Adds complexity and possibly limits what email library we use in the future. It is not a typical configuration and code can easily be tweaked if someone needs such feature.

Hence, I'm planning to resolve this as won't fix.

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