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0023257mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2017-08-22 09:00
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Product Version2.5.1 
Summary0023257: Due Date saves wrong values

The Due Date changes the date without any action. It looks like the problem is that not the full length of the year is noticed.

The similar error was fixed in this PR:

Steps To Reproduce

Strategie zum Forcieren (Firefox):

  • Create a Ticket
  • Set Due Date to 2017-08-10
  • Update Information (Save)
  • Hit Edit of the issue
  • Update Information (save)
    *Due Date is now 2010-08-20
Additional Information

We have the the following custom date types in the config_inc.php:
$g_short_date_format = 'd.m.Y';
$g_normal_date_format = 'd.m.Y H:i';
$g_complete_date_format = 'd.m.Y H:i T';
$g_calendar_js_date_format = '\%d.\%m.\%Y';
$g_calendar_date_format = 'd.m.Y';
$due_date_date_format = 'short_date_format';

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related to 0022704 new Due date not saved when non english date format 


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