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0023340mantisbtfeaturepublic2017-09-20 17:01
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Product Version2.5.1 
Summary0023340: Missing whole "Attached Files" section

With all the great improvements in new MantisBT 2.x, me and my users (piloting new version with selected users) are confused about not finding "Attached Files" section, as well as central "Upload file" box (only under the 'add note' - something we have disabled in MantisBT 1.2.x). We use MantisBT more like case management system - and we use attachments extensively. People opening the case would like to see the case with all the supporting attachments. Now attachments are mixed-up with notes. It means that one needs to travel over all notes to collect attachments!? Some of our tickets have up to 200 notes and dozens of attachments. With new setup these cases are basically unmanageable - only 'small' tickets are more-or-less OK - while still not convenient.

Can we have config option to re-enable display of attachments displayed in the old way - grouped together and not scattered in "Activity" messed-up with notes?

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Opening a related clone to inquire about how to make the "Attached Files" section available using the built-in MantisBT config.

Is there an official means of making available the "Attached Files" section without modifying the core configuration suite?


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duplicate of 0022323 new Missing whole "Attached Files" section 




2017-09-11 09:54

developer   ~0057680

Please do not open duplicate issues.
All discussion should be at a single place.



2017-09-11 10:09

reporter   ~0057681

Understood. I will try to bring the conversation in 0022323 back to the question posed here.

Please feel free to close.