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0023683mantisbtadministrationpublic2019-03-15 00:08
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Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0023683: Can not see way to turn off "disposable email addresses" checking.

i'd like to turn of disposable email addresses checking so i can use to test the email sent out from a server running mantisbt.
but i can't make an account with the test email address.

i like to be able to turn off "disposable email addresses" checking temporarily in the config file but can not find a variable for this.

Steps To Reproduce

try to make a user account using a test email adress from

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related to 0024988 closeddregad Update Disposable Email Checker to 3.1.0 
has duplicate 0023793 closedatrol APPLICATION ERROR #1201 It is not allowed to use disposable e-mail addresses. 




2017-11-30 09:52

developer   ~0058280

As a workaround, remove from vendor/vboctor/disposable_email_checker/data/domains.txt

peter neal

peter neal

2017-11-30 10:23

reporter   ~0058281

That's worked perfect, thanks.



2017-11-30 10:59

developer   ~0058282

@vboctor do you think we should introduce a configuration option to disable the checking?



2017-11-30 11:02

reporter   ~0058283

That info was helpful. As a paying client of ( for over a decade, I'd like to note here that they are a reputable, for-fee service, and extremely vigilant about how their service is used. Spam and other abuse through their servers is not tolerated. I recommend removal of those domains from the list, but understand that for those who don't know the service that it's just one of a huge list of companies in this category.



2017-11-30 12:35

manager   ~0058285

Peter, is there a reason why a service like can't be used for testing?

@Starbuck It seems that the domains you mentioned are marked as disposable on other providers and hence there made their way into my disposable library. Here is API results for the domains you mentioned:



2017-11-30 17:16

reporter   ~0058287

@vboctor - that is correct, This is a service which provides disposable emails. My note here is that it's a reputable service, not a problem source. As an example, a pharmacist sells drugs, and so does the guy on the corner, but we shouldn't lump them all into a single list of "drug dealers" - and a gun dealer sells weapons for self-defense, which is not the same as the guy on the corner who sells guns.

I occasionally find my email addresses blocked by sites that use these global lists. While called "disposable", I never dispose of these addresses. Like someone who buys a gun for protection, I use them to protect myself against spam from sites, and I keep them for all sites at which I am registered. I pay for the ability to delete these addresses if I unregister from a site and continue to get emails from them, or if I find some site owner has shared my address with some other entity. In this world where a "privacy policy" is just a legal statement that we have no privacy, this is a form of consumer protection. My "drug" here (in the form of a disposable address) keeps me safe from abuse, where similar "drugs" used by spammers are being abused.

So with that in mind, I encourage you to remove this one service (two domains) from that list which otherwise seems to be quite effective for its purpose.

You could suggest that I take this up with But I don't use their services, I use MantisBT. And I'm here to ask the stewards of MantisBT to correct an error that's been made by an upline provider. If I have time one of these days I'll do what I can elsewhere. But I'm not in the business of evangelizing justice for services like this - I'm just trying to fix this one situation because we're in the right place to do it.




2018-07-18 06:47

reporter   ~0060276

I used and it is an amazing platform for online email validation that is created to ensure companies avoid email bounces. This is accomplished by identifying invalid, abuse, spam-trap, and other hard bounce email addresses. They also provide a real-time API for email verification on your platform.



2018-08-01 05:23

reporter   ~0060343

If you are looking for a way to determine if an email was generated by a disposable email service, then you should try With their service you can upload a list of emails and find out which are deliverable as well as if it is a role-based email or a disposable email.



2018-11-04 00:09

reporter   ~0060912

Last edited: 2018-11-04 00:33

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Vboctor/disposable_email_checker ( - has very old database, last update 2 years ago.
Domain "" is recorded in this database despite the fact that it is a very popular, trusted and reliable postal service in Ukraine. I have users with email in domain and they cannot register by themselves.
To make changes to file vendor/vboctor/disposable_email_checker/data/domains.txt - bad way, after each new update MantisBT version I need to update this file manually.

Please delete check vboctor/disposable_email_checker or replece it with another project (example martenson/disposable-email-domains

P.S. return {"disposable":false}



2018-11-04 13:22

manager   ~0060920

@Dabin I have removed from the list of disposable domains.

@atrol I have updated the latest code of disposable library to support add_domains(array) and remove_domains(array). Which enables consumers to white list or black list their own domains. If we want to support this in MantisBT, then we will have to expose it in configs and integrate latest disposable library (not yet released).



2018-11-04 21:01

reporter   ~0060921

@vboctor - thanks! In the new version of MantisBT, the domain will no longer be blocked?



2018-11-18 06:23

developer   ~0060978

@Dabin domain will no longer be blocked starting from 2.19.0, see 0024988

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