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0023768mantisbtfeaturepublic2018-07-20 04:33
Reporterfman Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.10.0 
Summary0023768: Minor Menu Enhancement - add expand/collapse on TOP

Right now expand/collapse menu icon is placed only on menu bottom.
I've found that when you have too many items and work on a small screen, after you expand you are not able to collapse because can not access the icon.
My suggestion is to add same icon on menu top.

I've tried changing

function layout_sidebar_begin() {
$t_collapse_block = is_collapsed( 'sidebar' );
$t_block_css = $t_collapse_block ? 'menu-min' : '';

echo '<div id="sidebar" class="sidebar sidebar-fixed responsive compact ' . $t_block_css . '">';

# change - start 
echo '<div id="sidebar" class="sidebar-toggle sidebar-collapse">';
if( layout_is_rtl() ) {
    $t_block_icon = $t_collapse_block ? 'fa-angle-double-left' : 'fa-angle-double-right';
    echo '<i data-icon2="ace-icon fa fa-angle-double-left" data-icon1="ace-icon fa fa-angle-double-right"
    class=&quot;ace-icon fa ' . $t_block_icon . '&quot;></i>';
} else {
    $t_block_icon = $t_collapse_block ? 'fa-angle-double-right' : 'fa-angle-double-left';
    echo '&lt;i data-icon2=&quot;ace-icon fa fa-angle-double-right&quot; data-icon1=&quot;ace-icon fa fa-angle-double-left&quot;
    class=&quot;ace-icon fa ' . $t_block_icon . '&quot;></i>';
echo '&lt;/div>';
# change  - stop 

echo '&lt;ul class=&quot;nav nav-list&quot;>';


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2018-01-03 08:23

reporter   ~0058462

Here screenshot with collapsed and expanded

expanded.png (33,953 bytes)   
expanded.png (33,953 bytes)   
collapsed.png (26,551 bytes)   
collapsed.png (26,551 bytes)   


2018-01-04 04:17

developer   ~0058472

Didn't have a deeper look at the code, but looking at collapsed.png shows that there is something wrong.
The icon at the bottom is the wrong one, should be the same like the one at the top.



2018-01-04 10:12

reporter   ~0058477

oops! your are right, I'm going to give a look, Thanks



2018-07-20 04:33

reporter   ~0060285

Is there a way to make collapsed state sticky? It always resets on page reload