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0023779mantisbtroadmappublic2018-01-04 06:40
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Summary0023779: Tickets not displayed at all or at the wrong position in roadmap when parent-child hierarchy has more than two levels


When there are tickets which are blocking multiple other tickets, which then again are blocking other tickets (which means at least three levels of parent-child dependencies), the tickets which are blocking multiple others are not always displayed at all, or not at the correct position, in the roadmap.

Two simple examples have been attached.

One shows two "Parent" tickets, which both depend on the same "Child" ticket and indirectly depend on the "Grandchild" ticket. However, the roadmap only displays the "Grandchild" ticket the <i>first</i> "Parent" ticket, not for the second one. If I'd edit the "Parent 2" ticket it'd be displayed as the first ticket in the roadmap and the "Grandchild" ticket would then be displayed for "Parent 2" instead for "Parent 1".

The second attachment shows a sightly different hierarchy with two children. "Child 2" is blocking "Parent 2" but it is <i>also</i> configured to block "Child 1". The latter, however, is not displayed. Instead, "Child 2" appears at the main level on top of the roadmap. If I'd remove the dependency of "Child 1" to "Grandchild", "Child 2" would be displayed correctly as a blocking "Child 1".

<b>Expected behaviour</b>

The roadmap should always display all children of a ticket, going down all levels of the dependency tree.

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related to 0008853 closedjreese Issue appears more than once in the Roadmap for a release. 




2018-01-04 06:01


roadmap_missing_tickets.png (6,672 bytes)   
roadmap_missing_tickets.png (6,672 bytes)   
roadmap_missing_tickets2.png (7,731 bytes)   
roadmap_missing_tickets2.png (7,731 bytes)   


2018-01-04 06:40

reporter   ~0058473

Better image for the second case which explains the actual dependencies between Child 1 and 2

roadmap_missing_tickets2-2.png (11,066 bytes)   
roadmap_missing_tickets2-2.png (11,066 bytes)   

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