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0023994mantisbtmarkdownpublic2018-02-26 19:05
ReporterSL-Gundam Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.10.1 
Summary0023994: Markdown in MantisBT notification emails

Currently when MantisBT sends a notification email, these emails are in plaintext
This means a lot of markdown language is shown without being processed.

The markdown language content should be stripped in the case of plaintext emails.
If, in the future, MantisBT supports html emails then markdown language content should be processed as per usual in the email content

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2018-02-17 00:58

manager   ~0058911

Markdown is generally designed to be readable in text format. This is one of the core prinicples of markdown. I think that removing markdown will not work since the document will loose its structure (e.g. url of a link, the fact that something is meant to be a header, a table, etc). The right thing to do here is to either turn off markdown for your instance or we use the same effort towards moving to HTML emails.



2018-02-17 09:45

reporter   ~0058913

Markdown is very important for me since i use EmailReporting to imports emails to issues/notes. Sometimes those emails contain data tables which are unreadable without markdown support

So HTML emails would be the preferred solution



2018-02-26 19:05

reporter   ~0059045

Small addition

Personally my interest for notifications are very simple
If there is a new note, i would like that note to be included in the notification

on any other event only the first 2 lines of the email are needed
for example

The following issue has been SUBMITTED. 

As for the readability of markdown. Yes it's readable but the average employee at the company i work at (who knows jack-shit about markdown) will find it anything but readable. They don't know its purpose and will find it be messy