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0024049mantisbtmarkdownpublic2024-04-08 08:47
ReporterSL-Gundam Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.11.1 
Summary0024049: Escaping = characters the leaves the escape character visible
# header not escaped
\# header escaped

header not escaped

# header escaped

That works

header not escaped
header escaped

header not escaped

header escaped

That works too but leaves the escape character visible





2018-02-27 14:36

developer   ~0059052

Obviously an upstream issue.
Got the same for Parsedown and PHP Markdown when trying on



2024-03-27 19:21

reporter   ~0068729


I would suggest closing this. It's an upstream issue and not a MantisBT one.

Grav did.

Let's close this, since we have no control over it, but people stumbling on this problem will likely find the issue through Google and the issues search.



2024-03-27 20:12

developer   ~0068730

Last edited: 2024-03-27 20:12

I suspect that most of the MantisBT users are interested to know in which MantisBT version a bug is fixed.
They don't want or need to know, if the root cause is in MantisBT source code or the source code of a used component.

A solution for a problem caused by an external component could also be a replacement of the component by another one.

Or let's assume that the issue will be fixed in a future version of a used component.
If we close now, most of our users would not get any notification when it's fixed in MantisBT, as they hardly watch all used components.

Other users might just watch our release announcements, have a deeper look at our change log, and decide after that if they want to upgrade.
They would not get the right list of fixes, if we close issues that are caused by external components.