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0024096mantisbtemailpublic2018-03-21 20:29
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Product Version2.12.0 
Summary0024096: email body looks ugly

Hi, yesterday I upgraded my mantis from 2.5 to 2.12; everything went somoothly. But I have two issues with emails.

The body looks ugly because of the html, the email was ok before upgrading the version but now it is showing the <br /><br /> or a html tgs. Please see attached image.

How can I fix it?

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2018-03-10 13:43




2018-03-10 14:41

developer   ~0059157

I am not able to reproduce the issue.

leonardo.salatino looks the e-mail you got for this note good for you?



2018-03-10 16:09

reporter   ~0059159

Yes, the email from this mantis is good (attached to this note); the one from my mantis installation is wrong. Is there some log that I can turn on and check?



2018-03-21 03:15

manager   ~0059256

Try tweaking the following lines in email_send() in core/email_api.php. Search for documentation of PHPMailer for possible values.

    # Setup new line and encoding to avoid extra new lines with some smtp gateways like
    $t_mail->LE         = &quot;\r\n&quot;;
    $t_mail->Encoding   = 'quoted-printable';


2018-03-21 20:29

reporter   ~0059271

In the mentioned function ("function email_send( EmailData $p_email_data )" in core/email_api.php in version 2.12) there was another line setting the html to false (line 1322):
"$t_mail->IsHTML( false ); # set email format to plain text"

I chanaged that parameter to True and it worked, now the emails are in html format and look nice.

Thank you very much for your help!

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