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0024140mantisbtfilterspublic2018-03-31 19:58
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Target Version2.13.0Fixed in Version2.13.0 
Summary0024140: Application error 401: "ORDER BY clause is not in SELECT list" when sorting by category or project

When i go the the page : "View issues" (in "view_all_bug_page.php"), this message is displayed (cf the screenshot)

<i> Sorry for my porr English </i>

Steps To Reproduce

Connect to Mantis Bug Tracker with my account
Don't select a project and go to "View issues"
==> the error message display

The steps I went through before I encounter the problem and got the error message :
In my account, i did'nt have selected a default project (so it's all)
In View issues, i clic in the column Categories and after the message

Now, if i select a project and go to View Issues ==> It's Ok
Now, if i don't select a project before (so it's "all project" on the header on the right) and after I go to View Issues => It's KO

Additional Information

Version : MantisBT 2.13.0-dev-master-a646ff8 (sorry this version don't exist in available values of the drop-down menu)

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2018-03-20 10:01




2018-03-20 11:17

developer   ~0059245

I'll look into it ASAP



2018-03-20 19:21

developer   ~0059250


This affects sorting by category or project.



2018-03-21 04:16

reporter   ~0059259

I don't know if it can help you but when i connect again to MantisBT, i have this message when i go to "View Issues" : (cf screenshot)

<i> (Before I selected the project = mantisbt) </i>



2018-03-21 04:29

developer   ~0059260

when i connect again to MantisBT, i have this message

Your filter is saved and it fails when trying to perform the query.
I don't know if there's an easier way, but you can reset your filter with:

  • go to "my view" page
  • click on the header of any of those boxes. "view issues" will open with a temporary filter.
  • now that the filter selection box is available use "reset filter" to restore default filter for current project


2018-03-21 04:55

reporter   ~0059263

Thank you for your explications : it's amazing, it's good again !!! Thank you !

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MantisBT: master 74ca8bc6

2018-03-20 19:07:44


Committer: atrol Details Diff
Fix order by clause not in select list

Strict sql syntax requires the order by clause to appear in the select
list. Otherwise, some rdbms may fail.
Eg: pgsql, or mysql with sql_mode=ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY

Fixes: 0024140
Affected Issues
mod - core/classes/BugFilterQuery.class.php Diff File

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