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0024142mantisbtwikipublic2019-10-21 03:06
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Product Version2.12.0 
Summary0024142: wiki intergration instructions significantly outdated + a potential hijacking

By googling for mantis wiki I got to the instructions at /wiki/doku.php/mantisbt:issue:7075:integration_with_dokuwiki
which are significantly outdated. The auth part still works, but the syntax part does not.

a newer version that seems to work can be found at

The hijacking issue:
Following the directions at /wiki/doku.php/mantisbt:issue:7075:integration_with_dokuwiki
will result in it not working, and looking in the extension manager you can see the plugin author being Victor: see screenshot1
However after I removed the /lib/plugins/mantis/ folder the name changed: see snapshot2

That's a bit of an issue that needs addressing.

Also, the plugin by cristoph lang has a download sourced at an .htpasswd locked site, so it never upgraded. I cannot say if they are legitimately meant to have the module name 'mantis' on dokuwiki's plugin system or if it was malicious.

sorry if the post is rough, but the cleaner version of this report got eaten up by this system because I took too long to hit Submit.... sigh all that first typing went down the drain. I had detailed instructions and everything...

Additional Information

recommend an update of the information in the wiki article for 0007075

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related to 0007075 closedvboctor Wiki integration with Mantis 




2018-03-20 17:28


mantisbt-wiki-syntax-snap2.JPG (31,404 bytes)   
mantisbt-wiki-syntax-snap2.JPG (31,404 bytes)   
mantisbt-wiki-syntax.JPG (39,025 bytes)   
mantisbt-wiki-syntax.JPG (39,025 bytes)   


2018-03-20 17:29

reporter   ~0059248

(ugh the screenshots are reversed)



2019-09-02 01:45

reporter   ~0062703

wiki integration is great, hope someone may update the instruction or code



2019-09-02 11:20

developer   ~0062704

If I'm not mistaken, this is the code we run on wiki :

I was planning on finalizing and publishing that on, but never got around to it.