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0024402mantisbtuipublic2019-09-19 04:52
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Summary0024402: tree-based project navigation

instead of having to read through or search through a long list of projects, why not have them automatically hidden/shown by hierarchy?

I wrote a small script which, when attached to the layout, will transform the HTML of the projects menu and add some jQuery toggle events.

screenshots show before, after (with sub-menus collapsed), and after (with a sub-menu expanded)

The code is in the Additional Information section below.

I put that in a file (/js/project-navigation.js), and then in core/layout_api.js, I put the following line after line 632 (where the "projects-list" div is echoed)
<pre> echo '<script src="/js/project-navigation.js"></script>';</pre>

Additional Information

my code:
$(function() {
var $menu=$('#projects-list>ul');
$menu.find('>li').each(function() { // transform the menu into something that can be opened/closed
var $this=$(this), id_postfix=$this.find('a').attr('href').replace(/.=/, '').replace(/;/g, '-');
$this.attr('id', 'projects-list-'+id_postfix);
if (/-/.test(id_postfix)) {
var id_parent=id_postfix.replace(/-[0-9]
$/, '');
var $item_wrapper=$('#projects-list-wrapper-'+id_parent);
if (!$item_wrapper.length) {
var $parent_item=$('#projects-list-'+id_parent);
var $item_wrapper=$('<ul class="list dropdown-yellow no-margin" id="projects-list-wrapper-'+id_parent+'" style="display:none"/>').insertAfter($parent_item);
$('<button style="float:right;padding:0 5px;margin:0;">☰</button>').prependTo($parent_item).click(function() {
return false;
$menu.find('.active').parents('.list').each(function() { // expand the parents of the active item
$(this).css('display', 'block');

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2018-05-07 16:25


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2019-07-22 19:31

reporter   ~0062415

Nice - is this likely to make it to the core product?