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0024637mantisbtemailpublic2018-07-31 21:24
Reporterjingshaochen Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.15.0 
Summary0024637: sending one email with multiple to, cc, and bcc addresses

In Mantis, email receipt can only take one address. Using, will cause error.

I have a patch to allow this format in email header. Interested of a pull request?

My repo:





2018-07-29 17:34

developer   ~0060335

Thanks @jingshaochen for the offer.

I am not sure if it makes sense to add code to Mantis core that is not used in Mantis core itself.
A developer might remove it some time later when doing code cleanup.

@dregad @vboctor thoughts?



2018-07-30 01:09

manager   ~0060336

@jingshaochen can you elaborate on the scenarios where this is used and where do the multiple addresses, cc, and bcc get set?



2018-07-31 21:24

reporter   ~0060340

I wrote a plug in that monitor a certain custom field in a bug, if it is set to Y, then mantis should send emails to a configured group of people. Someones need to be in To field, someones need to be in Cc field, and someones need to be in Bcc field. I use "mail_store()" function and it only take one To at a time. So the same email is sent multiple times. With the support of multiple To, only one email is needed.