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0024689mantisbtadministrationpublic2023-10-31 16:36
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Target Version2.27.0 
Summary0024689: Remove clickable alphanumeric index in manage_user_page.php

This follows discussion with @atrol in PR 1381.

The new search functionality for the manage user page (see 0012677) is much better and more flexible than the existing functionality, which only allows filtering on username beginning with A-Z, 0-9.

As a follow-up work item, we should

  • remove the alphanumeric index buttons at the top of manage_user_page.php
  • make sure it is still possible to filter Unused and New accounts (currently they can only be excluded via Hide Inactive)
  • obsolete config option $g_default_manage_user_prefix

print_manage_user_sort_link() API function can probably be removed after that, as well asnever_logged_in_titleand1_week_titlelanguage strings.

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2018-08-23 05:57

developer   ~0060478

obsolete config option $g_default_manage_user_prefix

Implemented as part of PR1381

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 6ed35e4f

2018-08-23 01:21


Details Diff
Obsolete option default_manage_user_prefix

The option has been introduced in 2003 to solve performance issues on
installations with thousands of users.

The option was not documented in Admin Guide.

Paging (hardcoded 50 records) has been implemented in 2008.
After this, there is no longer the need for the option.
The performance is fine, even with more than 35k users.

Issue 0024689
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