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0024720mantisbtldappublic2018-09-01 18:24
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Product Version2.16.0 
Summary0024720: Editing user with use_ldap_email = ON empties email address

I'm using LDAP in MantisBT and use_ldap_email = ON

When i, as administrator, edit a user and save the changes, the email address field is emptied.
Logging in again under that user account updates the email address. But users rarely do that so this causes email notifications to be an issue

Please make it so that a users data that is connected to LDAP is not lost on edits to a user

Steps To Reproduce

In a situation where LDAP is enabled and use_ldap_email = ON

  1. Edit a user with a cached email address
  2. change the protected or enabled setting of the user
  3. You'll notice the email address is now lost
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