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0024750mantisbtfilterspublic2019-12-09 10:20
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Summary0024750: Allow text entry for search with partial match in custom fields filters

Currently when searching custom fields of type string or numeric you can only select from drop down list of existing values within the filter. However if these lists are quite long or values are more difficult to differentiate (e.g. lists of serial numbers) this not a feasible way to search. It would be good to be able to enter text or partial text into the filter box for the custom field. Especially since the free-text search doesn't search in custom fields 0019302 & 0011467.

This currently works with fields type text-area.

Of course if we could get the free-text to search custom fields, this wouldn't really be needed but it seems that solution is more complicated and this may be a simpler solution.

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2019-12-09 10:20

reporter   ~0063212

There is a different approach for that in 0026447 (patch included)