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0024819mantisbtadministrationpublic2018-10-03 01:39
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Product Version2.17.1 
Summary0024819: Don't prune accounts that are in use even if they never logged in


  • Admin create users to represent teams.
  • Issues are assigned to use pseudo-users representing teams.
  • Admins runs the prune command.

If such accounts were marked as protected, then they won't be deleted. Otherwise they will be deleted because such accounts never logged in.

There can be other scenarios where system/pseuodo-users can be used, e.g. issues opened due to crashes or incoming emails from non-registered users, etc.

It may be worth being more conservative and not deleting a user account if they have associated issues (e.g. reporter, handler, note author, etc).

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2018-10-03 01:39

manager   ~0060729

We could also consider making "pruning" disable accounts rather than delete them. This makes the operation reverse-able if something goes wrong. This can be a change of behavior or based on a config variable.