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0024875mantisbtemailpublic2018-10-19 12:58
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Product Version2.17.1 
Summary0024875: add option for users to receive a single daily Email in digest form

Currently, an email is sent for each notification. Its been requested that there be an option to instead receive Emails as a daily digest.

The daily digest could group the notifications by user then by issue # and for each issue # group all the notifications together and put this all in a single email for each user.

Then the users would get a single daily email with all the updates for that day as opposed to getting individual Emails.

Posted this on the forums (see below link) and received some info on it. Was considering developing a plug-in, but maybe this could also be a good core feature?

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2018-10-19 12:58

developer   ~0060833

Was considering developing a plug-in, but maybe this could also be a good core feature?

Submitting a patch is always a good idea, as it increases the chances of improvement eventually making it into MantisBT core. All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Patch submissions can be made in several ways. In the order of preference:

  1. Send us a Pull Request on our Github repository [1]
  2. Attach a GIT patch to the issue
  3. Attach a Unified Diff, clearly specifying the patch's base release

Kindly avoid to upload entire modified PHP files.

Please make sure that your submissions adhere to our Coding Guidelines [2], if they don't your patch might be rejected.


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