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0025162mantisbtplug-inspublic2019-05-09 12:08
ReporterfmanAssigned Todregad 
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Product Version2.19.0 
Target Version2.22.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0025162: Improve plugin schema upgrade error message

While developing plugins is easier to have issues due to minor errors.
I've found difficult to understand what is happening when I got an error like:

<b>Upgrading the plugin schema failed in block #10<b>

After digging a little bit on the code I've understood that the #NUMBER is the element of the array returned by the schema() that I've created.
IMHO may be the word block can be changed to something a little bit clear.

My proposal is a silly one:
adding the offending sentence ($t_sqlarray)

    if( 2 == $t_status ) {
        plugin_config_set( 'schema', $i );
    } else {
        <b>error_parameters( $i . ' SQL: ' . json_encode($t_sqlarray) );</b>
        trigger_error( ERROR_PLUGIN_UPGRADE_FAILED, ERROR );
        return null;


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2019-05-09 06:28

developer   ~0062046

I agree that providing details / context about the error would be a useful addition to plugin API.

Displaying the offending SQL statement would be useful for context, but I don't think that the suggestion to insert JSON within the error message is the right approach.

It would be even more useful to provide the actual error message returned by the DB (i.e. $g_db->errorMsg()).



2019-05-09 12:08

developer   ~0062047


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