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0025385mantisbtuipublic2019-03-16 20:20
Reporterdregad Assigned Todregad  
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Target Version2.20.0Fixed in Version2.20.0 
Summary0025385: Summary page submenu not aligned when screen narrower than buttons

When the screen's width is narrower than the Summary's submenu buttons, they are no longer left-aligned with the page's main div, instead they are shifted to the left, as shown in the attached screenshots. The behavior becomes even worse with tablets / phones as the buttons are displayed slightly off-screen.

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2019-01-26 17:17


screen_wider_than_buttons.png (10,028 bytes)   
screen_wider_than_buttons.png (10,028 bytes)   
tablet_phone_width.png (7,575 bytes)   
tablet_phone_width.png (7,575 bytes)   


2019-01-26 18:57

developer   ~0061304


Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 5697fb6c

2019-01-25 17:46:56


Details Diff
Fix layout of summary submenu

With this change, the buttons are now properly left-aligned with the
main div, instead of being slightly offset to the left, which is
particularly visible on narrow screens.

Fixes 0025385
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mod - core/html_api.php Diff File

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