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0025561mantisbtadministrationpublic2019-04-20 02:37
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Summary0025561: Reports visible to all

I'm sorry, maybe it's not the right place. I would like to know if it is possible to make sure that all the reporters can (only) see the issues posted by the others. I have created a (public) project, I have included a report with a user (manager) and I would like everyone else to be able to view it.
If this is possible, how to set up projects and users?
Thank you so much

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2019-03-04 11:07

developer   ~0061621

Your requirement is not really clear.

reporters can (only) see the issues posted by the others

Meaning seeing all issues except the ones that they reported themselves ? That does not make much sense...

Also, what "others" ? reporters, users ?



2019-03-07 04:32

reporter   ~0061644

No. We have set up users who can post bugs. Currently, however, each user is able to view only their own bugs, because so we had decided to do when we installed the software, while now we would like to allow each user to be visible all the bugs entered by all users. I think it's a trivial thing indeed, but I can not configure this way, can you give me an indication even if we have a rather old version installed? Perhaps now I have been clearer. Thank you so much



2019-03-07 12:15

developer   ~0061645

You probably want to set $g_limit_reporters = OFF; in your config



2019-03-08 08:43

reporter   ~0061652

Thank You.
The problem was different. In our old version of the software, those who had configured it had made all the projects private and then added the following rule in configuration:
All users All projects private_bug_threshold integer 55
that made projects visible but only to managers.
I changed it to:
All users All projects private_bug_threshold integer 25
then enabling reporters and leaving the projects private.
Thanks anyway



2019-03-08 10:14

developer   ~0061653

Thanks for the feedback.

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the semantics of the $p_obsolete parameter have changed, so the proper
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