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0025619mantisbtemailpublic2019-03-18 11:40
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Product Version2.19.0 
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Summary0025619: $g_limit_email_domains impacts custom e-mail fields, which is unexpected from its documentation

The Admin Guide here:


"$g_limit_email_domains - Only allow and send email to addresses in the given domain(s). This is useful as a security feature and it is also useful in cases like Sourceforge where its servers are only limited to send emails to SourceForge email addresses in order to avoid spam. $g_limit_e- mail_domains = array( '', '' );"

After setting this to:

$g_limit_email_domains = array( '' );

I am no longer able to edit issues that use a 'custom field' of 'e-mail' type, mantis will report:

Invalid value for field "Customer Email"

My customers of course don't have emails in my own domain. :)

From its documentation, I wouldn't have expected that $g_limit_email_domains limit what can go into database fields, but only to limit emails that mantis actually sends out.

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