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0025752mantisbtadministrationpublic2019-05-20 12:33
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Product Version2.21.0 
Summary0025752: When changing role for a project the role is changed for every project

I've tried changing the role of a user to manager, but now this user is manager for all the projects in our db.
I don't know in which version this bug occurred, but I think this is since 2.20.0

On a side note: I think there is no way to actually change this back. Whenever I change the status to something else all projects are changed.

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duplicate of 0025722 closedcproensa Wrong access_level settings when updating rights in the project admin page 




2019-05-10 05:20

reporter   ~0062051

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Steps to reproduce (forgot to add):

  • Select a project

  • Scroll down to the userlist

  • Pick a user and change the role for that user

  • Go to the previously edited user

  • Scroll down to his projects

  • All the roles are set to the status that you set in the previous steps

Edit: Still exists in 2.21.0



2019-05-10 05:45

developer   ~0062052

Looks like a duplicate of 0025722.

Since @vboctor has not released 2.21.1 yet, you can download a nightly build from

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