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0025905mantisbtuipublic2019-07-07 16:52
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Product Version2.21.2 
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Summary0025905: Inline actions user experience is inconsistent between different features

In Mantis, inline actions are those small buttons or icons that show alongside username, tag, image ..etc. Attached are examples of how these look today in different product features.

The usage of button is an eye soar compared to the small inline icons that can enlarge/change color when hovered over. The proposal here is switch to using inline icons (no buttons) for this use case consistently everywhere. In addition, hover over effect could be added for a more pleasant user experience.





2019-07-07 16:52


delete-tag.png (11,757 bytes)
delete-tag.png (11,757 bytes)
email-reporter.png (14,044 bytes)
email-reporter.png (14,044 bytes)
image-actions.png (17,173 bytes)
image-actions.png (17,173 bytes)
monitoring-action.png (22,365 bytes)
monitoring-action.png (22,365 bytes)

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