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0025976mantisbtemailpublic2019-08-08 23:26
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Product Version2.21.1 
Summary0025976: Text based email notifications with html href tag

So I thought for sure there'd be some other ticket opened about it so maybe I have something configured wrong but it looks like email notifications are content-type:text but the link to the bug page that the emails are referencing gets formatted with the html <a href=> tag.

So it looks like the screenshot in email client showing all the markup as text

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2019-08-06 15:49


target-showing-in-email.png (9,366 bytes)   
target-showing-in-email.png (9,366 bytes)   


2019-08-08 11:41

developer   ~0062531

That's strange, I never saw this before.

Please have a look at a sample notification as I received it from this tracker (attached - you might know the guy who triggered this e-mail, ha ha). As you can see, the behavior you reported is not reproduced - it's just plain text, no HTML (note: screenshot is taken from view e-mail source in gmail).



2019-08-08 23:26

reporter   ~0062539

hmmm ok, must be an outlook thing i bet. ill look into that, thanks for your response!

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