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0026149mantisbtfeaturepublic2019-09-26 16:42
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Summary0026149: Possibility to hide custom fields for selected users

In our installation we've added some custom fields like calculations that are useful for us, but not for the client.
Is it possible to add these custom fields to every issue, but only show them to a certain group of people?

The problem we're facing now is when we hide it on issue creation the default values won't be added inside the custom field. We need these values to easily access them when replying to the issue.

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related to 0026140 new Custom fields are displayed on issue report even if they have disabled "Display When Reporting Issues" 




2019-09-17 04:47

developer   ~0062835

Is it possible to add these custom fields to every issue, but only show them to a certain group of people?

This can be achieved by specifying the appropriate access level required to read (and/or write) in custom field's definition.



2019-09-17 06:52

reporter   ~0062839

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What I mean is that a custom-field is always empty if for example it's visible for me as a DEVELOPER, but hidden for a client (MANAGER) if the client created the issue. If someone with the correct access level creates the issue, the custom-field is filled with the default data configured in the custom-field settings.

So for easy understanding I hoped for a way to only show the custom-foeld data to a specific group, but also fill the field if a client creates an issue (even though the field is not visible for them)



2019-09-17 07:07

developer   ~0062840

Pre-filling custom field with default data when field is not visible at report time is a different issue. I think this is covered by an existing issue, but I don't have time to search for it now. At least this was mentioned by @cproensa in 0026140:0062805.

hidden for a client (MANAGER)

You have your clients as manager ? seems strange. Or did you mean reporter ?



2019-09-17 07:13

reporter   ~0062842

Sorry I was referring to 'updater', not 'manager'.
I will look into the linked issue.

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