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0026326mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2019-12-09 04:31
ReporterKeyWeeUsr Assigned Tocommunity  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.22.1 
Target Version2.23.0Fixed in Version2.23.0 
Summary0026326: Tags are not copied from master issue when cloning

When cloning a bug I expect everything to be cloned, even tags, however I don't see the tags as if in an existing issue, so the next reasonable solution was to just pre-fill the input for tags.

Steps To Reproduce

Open an existing issue and select "Clone". Tags field is empty.

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MantisBT: master 6fc90cff

2019-11-22 05:39

Peter Badida

Committer: dregad

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Include tags when cloning a bug

When cloning a bug, everything should be copied, including tags.

This commit prefills bug_report_page.php's Attach Tags input with the
master issue's tags, allowing the user to decide which one(s) to keep.

Fixes: 0026326
Affected Issues
mod - bug_report_page.php Diff File