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0026343mantisbtcustomizationpublic2019-11-15 02:27
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Product Version2.22.1 
Summary0026343: Allow customizing fields to show when printing issues

It should be possible for the user / admin to decide which fields should be shown when printing issues (print_all_bug_page_word.php). Currently, MantisBT only offers the possibiliity of altering which columns are displayed on print_all_bug_page.php.

Original bug report text

It's really strange, but mantis documentation is extremly non-informative.

I tried to find solution om wiki (e.g. here: but i can't find anything related to my issue.

After this i tried ti check a documentation and found that i should change variable $g_print_issues_page_columns , so i did it, but nothing happens at all. When i try to print issue page it prints with all possible fields on it...

So, i don't know how can i custumize print-version of issue page to print only those fields which i need.

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2019-11-11 06:22

developer   ~0063076

You did not really explain what the "print issue" actually is.

My understanding is that you want to change which columns are shown when printing (i.e. via print_all_bug_page.php). Changing $g_print_issues_page_columns is correct, but this only sets the global default value; that can be changed individually by each user and for each project, via My Account / Manage Columns (account_manage_columns_page.php). You can review which user(s) customized this via Configuration Report page (adm_config_report.php)

Does that answer your question ?



2019-11-11 08:05

reporter   ~0063077

My understanding is that you want to change which columns are shown when printing


this only sets the global default value; that can be changed individually by each user and for each projec

I have set this option per project for all users and check my own settings - there is no result



2019-11-11 08:13

reporter   ~0063078

As you can see for one project i have only 5 columns, but when i try to print some issue, i have 3 pages with all data (including adding comment form!)

image.png (25,782 bytes)   
image.png (25,782 bytes)   


2019-11-11 09:37

developer   ~0063079

Sorry but I can't reproduce the issue.



2019-11-11 09:55

reporter   ~0063080

ok, is any other ways to hide some blocks in issue overview in print mode?

compare your version (i mean on this mantis installation)
and part of my version (red selections must be hidden, but manual does not have a solution how to do it)

0000072_ test - 2.pdf (518,860 bytes)


2019-11-11 10:57

developer   ~0063081

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Ah, I think I understand what you mean now.

The $g_print_issues_page_columns setting only affects the list view in print_all_bug_page.php, but NOT the detailed printout you generate from that (i.e. print_all_bug_page_word.php). Short of rewriting that script, removing some of the fields being displayed can't be done.

As for the difference between this site and yours, it would seem you're just printing straight from the View Issues page (view.php) - then what areas you see e.g. to add relationships or bugnotes, depends on your access rights.

image-2.png (6,249 bytes)   
image-2.png (6,249 bytes)   


2019-11-11 11:12

reporter   ~0063082

uh... too sad...



2019-11-13 02:56

developer   ~0063084

I changed the issue's title and description to better reflect the actual requirement so we can keep track of it for a possible future improvement, but don't get your hopes too high, it's unlikely to happen any time soon.



2019-11-15 02:27

reporter   ~0063093

i understand but, anyway, thank you.

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