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Summary0026360: Avoid storing credentials in login page

Our security department suggests avoid store credential in [login_password_page.php] in order to increase security level.

Despite of this, some clients could prefer store their credentials into browser so the possibility of storing credentials may be parametrized.

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duplicate of 0023611 acknowledged Disable, or provide config option to disable, autocomplete on login text boxes 




2019-11-15 09:12

developer   ~0063102

Do you mean the Keep me logged in option ?

If so, that can be disabled by setting $g_allow_permanent_cookie = OFF; in your config. You can also define how "permanent" that is, by changing $g_cookie_time_length (default 1 year).

Note that this does not actually store the user's credentials, it just saves a cookie with the user's session id.



2019-11-15 09:21

reporter   ~0063103

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Is related with these option too, but more precise with browser behavoir.

May be forced with:

<INPUT TYPE="password" AUTOCOMPLETE="off">

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