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0026628mantisbtrsspublic2020-02-09 07:05
ReporterCamille Desmots Assigned Toatrol  
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Product Version2.22.1 
Summary0026628: issues_rss.php refere to an inexistant ressource

In the file "issues_rss.php" the code is referring to the file "images/mantis_logo_button.gif" instead of "images/mantis_logo.gif".
There is no file "mantis_logo_button.gif" in the directory "image/".
Either you change the name of the file in the file "issues_rss.php" or you provide the file "mantis_logo_button.gif" in the folder "images".

Steps To Reproduce

Select "RSS" on from the menu on your account on the right on the top.
This will generate an error in the PHP log as the file referenced is not reachable.

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duplicate of 0021133 resolveddregad Access of non existent image in RSS feeds 




2020-01-29 03:50

developer   ~0063531

@Camille Desmots as you may have noticed following my post 0021133:0063527, I have prepared a patch that should address this issue, it would be nice if you could test and provide your feeback (either in 0021133 or in the PR

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