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0027862mantisbtemailpublic2021-01-13 03:02
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Product Version2.18.0 
Summary0027862: Enhancement to exclude a user from project emails

All users in the Administrator role get an email when access level Admin is checked in manage_config_email_page.php. Some site administrators don't need the detail emails from some projects. We can change settings in that page so that emails are just sent to Managers. However, that excludes All Administrators when one Admin might be a project lead. This presents an all or nothing scenario. The first thought is simply to add a user to a project as a Manager. But an Administrator user has global access and cannot join a project with non-Admin access.

This request is for any procedure or code change that solves this problem, to an Administrator to not receive emails for a specific project.

Additional Information

This could probably be accomplished with a plugin that would prevent the sending of email for a hard-coded project to a hard-coded user. If just that nugget of code is provided here I'll build a plugin around it.

Another solution might be to allow Global-level users to be added to a project with non-Admin access.

I'm open to any option. Thanks.

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2021-01-13 03:02

developer   ~0064973

Setting enable_email_notification for a specific user and/or specific project on Configuration Report page to 0 should do the job.
Can't try myself at the moment, please provide feedback if this works for you.