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0028290mantisbtcustomizationpublic2021-04-23 01:59
Reporterronemjay Assigned To 
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Product Version2.25.0 
Summary0028290: Only allow manager to manage users who they have created

Hi all, I've upgraded my Mantis to 2.25 and it's great.

In our application managers have been given the ability to create projects and users.
Is there a configuration where managers can only see thus manage the users they have created?
My apologies for the many questions, I just love Mantis BT and would like to keep it as the company's best choice for issue tracking.

Kind regards.

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2021-04-13 04:26

developer   ~0065372

While this may be an interesting feature, what you want is not possible at the moment.

I didn't check in details, but consider that user management is currently a global thing, and selectively delegating it would require schema changes and possibly non-trivial changes in the code.

Moreover, a much more detailed specification is required; managers can only see thus manage the users they have created does not quite cut it, as it implies storing the id of the person who created the account, which while simple enough, has serious limitations. For example,

  • what if that person changes responsibility or leaves the company ? Who takes over, and how ?
  • it's more than likely than multiple people would share such a role, which implies a notion of group management that currently does not exist in Mantis

So, no small undertaking... Don't hold your breath.



2021-04-23 01:59

reporter   ~0065423

Okay, thank you.