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0029858mantisbtcustomizationpublic2022-04-27 17:06
Reporterslemzin Assigned Toatrol  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version2.25.2 
Summary0029858: After adding a new status, it is not possible to transfer it to status "closed".
  1. Add new status to config_inc.php. In my case it's "100:test" (see config_inc.txt)
  2. Add translation strings for the new status in custom_strings_inc.php (see custom_strings_inc.txt)
  3. Go to Manage -> Manage Configuration -> Workflow Transitions
  4. Put necessary checkbox for the new status. In my case it's "feedback" and "closed" (see workflow.jpg)
  5. Create new issue and change status on "test"

There is no problem when i change status from "test" to "feedback".
But when i change status from "test" to "closed" - i have an error (see error.jpg)

Access Level of my user = administrator

Also I tried do everything like in Admin_Guide:

  • create custom_constants_inc.php with new status
  • use $g_status_enum_workflow for all status
    But the result is similar.
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config_inc.txt (677 bytes)   
$g_status_enum_string = '10:new,20:feedback,30:acknowledged,40:confirmed,50:assigned,80:resolved,90:closed,100:test';

$g_status_colors		= array( 'new'			=> '#fcbdbd', // red    (scarlet red #ef2929)
								 'feedback'		=> '#e3b7eb', // purple (plum        #75507b)
								 'acknowledged'	=> '#ffcd85', // orange (orango      #f57900)
								 'confirmed'	=> '#fff494', // yellow (butter      #fce94f)
								 'assigned'		=> '#c2dfff', // blue   (sky blue    #729fcf)
								 'resolved'		=> '#d2f5b0', // green  (chameleon   #8ae234)
								 'closed'		=> '#c9ccc4', // grey   (aluminum    #babdb6)
								 'test'			=> '#caedef'); // brown (milk choco  #caedef)
config_inc.txt (677 bytes)   
custom_strings_inc.txt (836 bytes)   
switch( $g_active_language ) {
    case 'russian':
	$s_status_enum_string = '10:новая,20:обратная связь,30:признана,40:подтверждена,50:назначена,80:решена,90:закрыта,100:тест';
	$s_test_bug_title = 'Задача в тестировании';
	$s_test_bug_button = 'Задача в тестировании';
	$s_email_notification_title_for_status_bug_test = 'Следующая задача в Тестировании:';

    default: # english
	$s_status_enum_string = '10:new,20:feedback,30:acknowledged,40:confirmed,50:assigned,80:resolved,90:closed,100:test'; 
	$s_test_bug_title = 'Test Issue';
	$s_test_bug_button = 'Test Issue';
	$s_email_notification_title_for_status_bug_test = 'The following issue has been TESTED';
custom_strings_inc.txt (836 bytes)   
error.jpg (17,253 bytes)   
error.jpg (17,253 bytes)   
workflow.jpg (260,129 bytes)   
workflow.jpg (260,129 bytes)   




2022-04-14 08:04

developer   ~0066432

I recommend to introduce this "test" status somewhere between "assigned" and "resolved", e.g. $g_status_enum_string = '10:new,20:feedback,30:acknowledged,40:confirmed,50:assigned,60:test,80:resolved,90:closed';

Without that, there are some more customization options you have to change, e.g. status where an issue becomes read only, treshold which access level is allowed to change read-only issues, ...


This is not a bug or feature request for MantisBT (you are asking for help on how to configure the system). I am therefore resolving this issue as "no change required".

Please use the forums to get support on customizing and using MantisBT (refer to for links and further details).