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0031881mantisbtwebpagepublic2023-01-25 14:02
ReporterCegelec_Mob Assigned Toatrol  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version2.25.0 
Summary0031881: Anomaly report: Category field

When entering an anomaly, the user has the option of validating the form without a category when this field is mandatory. This causes an error

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duplicate of 0028618 closeddregad Category empty but required does not prevent form submission on Firefox Windows and Safari 




2023-01-06 10:14

developer   ~0067262


The provided information is not sufficient to provide any help in resolving the issue. A complete and detailed description is required for the support team to get a clear understanding of the problem.

Please explain with detailed step-by-step instructions what you do, what are the results you expect to get and what you actually get.
Adding some screenshots might also help.



2023-01-06 10:59

reporter   ~0067265

Thanks for your feedback.
Step1: I report an anomaly by completing all the mandatory fields except the category field
Step 2 : I click on submit
Step 3 :
I have this error :


Le champ obligatoire « category » n’est pas renseigné. Veuillez vérifier à nouveau votre saisie.

Merci d'utiliser le bouton « Précédent » de votre navigateur web pour retourner à la page précédente. Vous pourrez y corriger les problèmes identifiés par cette erreur ou choisir une autre action. Vous pouvez aussi choisir une option de la barre de menu pour aller directement dans une nouvelle section.

--> There is no control like on other mandatory fields which forces you to go back

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Step1.PNG (32,487 bytes)   
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Step2.PNG (2,091 bytes)   
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Step3.PNG (21,350 bytes)   


2023-01-06 11:13

developer   ~0067266

This will be fixed in version 2.26.0, see 0028618