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0032460mantisbtplug-inspublic2023-04-29 00:41
Reportervboctor Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.25.7 
Summary0032460: If plugins writes to db in a log event, it breaks issue creation

I found this when Eventlog plugin writes the db query to database, the issue creation assumes that the row id of the event is the row id of the bug being created and fails to complete the issue creation. I assume this affects other features. It is likely emitting a log signal and then asking for id of last added row.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Install Eventlog plugin
  • Enable DATABASE logging
  • Create an issue
  • Will trigger a failure that issue with wrong id is not found and issue won't be fully created (I think it is created in the bug table but not the extended fields)
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2023-04-29 00:41

manager   ~0067716

It seems this only happens if Eventlog plugin hooks to bug creation event EVENT_REPORT_BUG.