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Summary0003413: Deleting users causes confusion in old bugs

A system administrator here deleted the accounts of several people who no longer work here. This caused all bugs which those users appeared in, as reporters, owners, or in bugnotes, to show "user no longer exists", causing great confusion. I had to go into the database and manually restore the users just so that I could view old bugs and make sense of the bugnotes.

In my opinion it would be better to preserve the name of old accounts rather than actually destroying the records. The account could be tagged so it doesn't show up in the account list. Actually deleting them just causes too much damage to old bugs.

Alternatively, the pain this causes would be minor if there were a way to "undelete" users. You could migrate the users to a "deleted users" table or just tag them as "deleted".

At a minimum a warning should be added to the delete-users procedure so that someone about to delete a user understands that this will retroactively go back and remove that person's name from all old bugs.

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duplicate of 0003116 acknowledged If a user reports a bug, and gets purged for inactivity, updating the bug changes the username 




2003-11-11 22:37

manager   ~0004728

The enable/disable user account is there to allow you to disable accounts without deleting them from the database. Hence, I don't see a need to implement anything extra.

However, a warning can be added for code that deletes users.

Eric Seppanen

Eric Seppanen

2003-11-11 23:15

reporter   ~0004729

I might rephrase the question: why allow deleting users at all? It seems like a fairly dangerous feature. I bet at least one in four sysadmins would make the mistake ours did.



2003-11-12 22:09

manager   ~0004737

ok, I think we can do the following:

  • Add a configuration option to disable deleting users and disable it by default.
  • Prompt the user with a warning before users are deleted.


2003-12-13 03:02

reporter   ~0004800

Last edited: 2003-12-13 03:02

suggest also disabling email links to users who are disabled.
marking as confirmed.

edited on: 12-13-03 03:02

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