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0034407mantisbtroadmappublic2024-04-30 04:20
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Summary0034407: Options to require target_version and fixed_in_version

I would need a mechanism to ensure that both 'target_version' and 'fixed_in_version' are always filled in before the bug reaches the Resolved state. The reason is to populate the changelog and roadmap for a specific project.

In reality, it would be better to fill in 'target_version' upon reaching the Assigned state, but I believe we need to add a configuration to adjust this behavior. In both situations, if the bug is closed prematurely, it's not necessary to fill in both fields.

A simple idea is to assume that 'fixed_in_version' is equal to 'target_version' if one forgets to fill it in during change to Resolved state.

Would it be acceptable to simply add checks during the validation of the update? This way, when changing the status that requires a specific field, an error will be returned along with the relevant message.

If anyone has any alternatives or suggestions, please write them in the notes.

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2024-04-19 05:22

reporter   ~0068834

Some draft solutions:



2024-04-20 19:26

developer   ~0068842

These issues have been discussed in the past:



2024-04-30 04:19

developer   ~0068875

Mandatory fixed in version is now covered by 0034429.

@paspiz85 please let me know what we should do with this issue.