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0003916mantisbtfeaturepublic2023-09-03 15:33
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Summary0003916: monitor multiple bugs directly from list

I would like to have an entry in the dropdown box under the list view, with ability to monitor multiple bugs at a time.

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Advanced version of this feature: A interims page with select box for the person to add/remove from the monitor list for all selected bugs. So I can add some of my clients to monitor bugs in our software

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2004-06-14 06:37

reporter   ~0005701

This could be done with check boxes in the view_all_bug_page.php page, and could also show which bugs are currently monitored too (if already checked)



2004-06-21 08:05

manager   ~0005747

I agree about the addition of the action group for monitoring issues. Once we support making other users monitor an issue, then we should consider adding it to the action group as well.