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0004228mantisbtadministrationpublic2008-05-08 13:52
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Summary0004228: Add a utility script to allow cleanup of user accounts

In a database like ours (Mantis Bugtracker) there is a huge amount of user accounts. A lot of these accounts may be accounts that was created by users but never really used (i.e. never reported an issue, and didn't log in for a long time). We should come up with a criteria for detecting such accounts and deleting them.

This will reduce size of comboboxes for reporter (in update page), reported by filter, monitored by filter, manage users page, ...etc.

Feedback regarding the usefulness is appreciated. Also ideas regarding the criteria(s) to be supported to detect such users would be helpful as well.

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2004-08-04 08:46

reporter   ~0006626

Doesn't the current Manage Users -> Prune accounts do this? It "deletes the users who have never logged in and are older than 1 week".



2004-08-04 09:18

manager   ~0006628

yes, that's true. But I am referring to users who may have signed up, logged in a couple of times, and then disappeared. Specially those that never reported an issue or contributes notes.



2008-01-22 12:27

reporter   ~0016758

On the prune accounts option I don't think you can select which users to prune its all or none.

Also in my mantis instance I need to disable multiple users instead of deleting the accounts. It is very tedious to disable 10 or more users.

A more robust User Administration interface would be of great help.




2008-05-08 13:52

reporter   ~0017798

I totally support all the proposal. We should have an automated (customizable) way of removing/disabling users and a way to mass-apply actions.

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