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Product Version0.19.0 
Summary0004781: [Send Reminder] from adress in mail

The 'from adress' in the mail is always the one written down in the configuration file. But I think for sending reminders it should be better if it is possible to make the 'from adress' the same as the email adress from the user who sends the reminder.
I say to make it possible, not to make it obligated. So this option can be activated simply by setting an environment variable in the config_inc.php file.
I already wrote the code which can do this; look at the additional information.

Additional Information

This is a diff between the 0.19.0 code and my code.
< function email_send( $p_recipient, $p_subject, $p_message, $p_header='', $p_category='', $p_exit_on_error=true ,$p_sender_email='') {

  function email_send( $p_recipient, $p_subject, $p_message, $p_header='', $p_category='', $p_exit_on_error=true ) {

< if(!empty($p_sender_email))
< {
< $mail->From = $p_sender_email;
< }

< if(config_is_set( 'bug_reminder_from_online_user' ) && ON == config_get( 'bug_reminder_from_online_user' ) ) {
< email_send( $t_email, $t_subject, $t_contents,'','',true,current_user_get_field( 'email' ));
< }
< else
< {
< email_send( $t_email, $t_subject, $t_contents,'','',true,'');
< }

                          email_send( $t_email, $t_subject, $t_contents );
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duplicate of 0010371 confirmed Added ability for reminders to come from the user who sent them rather than the from_email 




2004-10-27 06:29

reporter   ~0008182

I share this opinion.



2005-07-19 14:35

reporter   ~0010876

Me too - would be very useful to have the remdiners come from the person sending it rather than the Mantis address.

Additionally, it would be useful to prepend the subject with "REMINDER: " which stands out more than a normal Mantis e-mail.

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